Reviewing our Energy Boosters (Pt 1)


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Just by writing this post, I feel like I’ve already done better than I have for previous New Year’s resolutions, which would usually last for less than a week. So as of this writing, I’m already doing 3 times as well as I did in previous years (yay me).

Just to recap, in my previous post (on Chapter 1 – Boost Energy), I committed to:

  1. Exercise Better
  • Do three days of exercise a week (minimum 30 minutes a day) in addition to Sundays
  • Walk 10,000 steps a day
  1. Toss, Restore, Organize
  • Clean out my room once a month
  • Follow the one-minute rule

So did I manage to boost energy? Here are my observations on how things went:

Do three days of exercise a week (minimum 30 minutes a day) in addition to Sundays


The one day I decide to take a photo, the weather decides to do this. #nofilter

This one was a little difficult to get started with, and I usually found myself going because I had committed to do so and had written online that I would (hey at least it’s working). I had considered setting aside particular weekdays on which to exercise, but it turns out not setting a schedule was ideal as I would have evening appointments on different nights every week. This meant instead of relying on a schedule (which I love to do), I would have to motivate myself to go exercise whenever I can. I have a feeling it will get easier as I continue with this commitment and am pleased to announce that I have only failed once in the three weeks since I started (I did two days of additional exercise that week instead of three).

Walk 10,000 steps a day


Pro-tip: Don’t want 10,000 steps near or on train tracks.

Setting this commitment was a challenge on some days when I simply did not need to walk around a lot. Although I know it is good for me, I often like to sit in the same spot for hours and just work away. To keep this commitment, I pushed myself to walk a little more, especially after meals to combat the feeling of being full and the inevitable food coma. Reviewing my results, I am very happy to have succeeded in keeping this commitment every day so far, with the exception of one day when I was at a gathering with friends to farewell another friend who was heading back to the States. It’s slightly ironic that I fell short on that day since I usually go over 10,000 steps on days when I have gatherings and appointments. But I like how this reminds me to not relax even if I have a meet-up on the day, and to push myself each day to reach my goals.

Clean out my room once a month

This was a perfect mix of fun and torture. As I expected, it was not easy (and quite a hassle) to go through all of my stuff and select what to throw away. I was also surprised at how much nostalgic clutter I had accumulated over the years. But there were two big positives from the experience. Firstly, it helped clear out space in my room and allowed to reorganize things so that I can now find things faster. Secondly, in the process of clearing out the clutter, I rediscovered some of my old primary school work, and had a fun time reminiscing with my mom and sister (Nicole had a good laugh too when I showed her some of these old treasures). Who knew I had such incredible artistic skills and knowledge of food chains?


According to this site, yes. I’m still waiting for my apology.

Moving forward, I would like to set up a little more structure on when I do my room cleaning, perhaps at the end of the month or just before it. I’ll have a think and report back on this later.

Follow the one-minute rule

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Stopwatch: optional

In some sense, I have always followed this rule as a kid since I loved to get things done ASAP. However, as I grew older and tasks became more complex, I would sometimes find excuses to push things back or even drop items off my to-do list. Well, committing to follow the one-minute rule was the perfect antidote to that. Although I had to kick myself (not literally) into doing some of these tasks, I found that executing tasks that require less than a minute to complete really helps me boost energy since they are (by nature) short and I can eliminate or reduce various problems before they got too big to solve. From replying select emails to (again) doing some quick room fixing, I found that following the one-minute rule to be very useful and will continue to do so moving forward.

Summing Up


I’m quite happy with how things went and think I selected a set of goals that hit the sweet spot between being too easy and too difficult. I wasn’t perfect on my two Exercise Better goals, and that gives me something to work on next month and for the rest of the year. But the results of increased and more disciplined exercise have been good as I have felt slightly more energized and definitely a lot more positive in my day-to-day life. As for Toss, Restore, Organize, I figure it will continue to be a challenge as I try to schedule a periodic room cleaning and constantly evaluate if there are quick tasks that I can/need to tackle. Cleaning my room didn’t boost my energy that much (it’s pretty tiring actually!) but following the one-minute rule was great – it eliminated many small problems and removed that tiring feeling of knowing I have numerous tasks piled up for me to deal with.

That’s it for me this month, check back next week to see how Nicole did with her commitments!  If you have any thoughts or experiences to share, feel free to leave a comment below or reach us at!


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