Reviewing Our Energy Boosters (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

I almost feel like I am doing the type of performance review at work where I am evaluated against several parameters. Hmmm not really. A lot more relaxed this time.

In my last post, I said I will do a lot of things. Did I really?

Before I review my actions, let’s take a look at my energy boosters:

  1. Go To Sleep Earlier
  • Going to bed before 12am
  • Waking up the first time the alarm rings
  1. Exercise Better
  • 30-minute strength training and 45-minute cardio workout 3 times a week respectively
  • Go for a 20-minute brisk lunch hour walk outdoor 3 times a week

Go to bed before 12am


This is not my hand.

At first, I regretted setting such a specific bedtime. But as the days passed, I figured 12am is actually a good sleeping threshold because my body naturally got tired before or by midnight. Sticking to it allowed my body clock to adjust more quickly to the routine following a consistent pattern. Sleeping early improved my quality of sleep and prevented me from tossing and turning all night long so that I could expend more energy on the day after. Setting my goal to sleep before 12am does not necessarily mean that I must stay up to midnight. There were a few nights when I went to bed as early as 11ish when my sleeping wave hit. But let’s be honest. There was also a night or two when my target relapsed as I stayed up late to work or catch up with friends who live overseas (opps not an excuse but mind the timezone). Overall, I am happy to say that I go to bed at or before 12am for the rest of the nights.

Waking up the first time the alarm rings


I mean… Look at this classy vintage clock!

As I am reviewing my results, I wonder if I would still set this goal after knowing the significant temperature drop (record low temperature in nearly 60 years!!) over the past few days in Hong Kong. Yes, I am wearing what I would normally cover myself with in the East Coast. Honestly, I found it a little difficult to wake up and did hit the snooze button on a handful of days since it was absolute torture to get out of my warm and comfy bed covered by layers of blankets on a cold morning. I tried to correct it by placing my alarm on the other side of the room so that it forced me to actually get up, cross the room and turn the alarm off. This short five seconds action already woke me up so that I didn’t fall back to sleep again. This small trick worked!

30-minute strength training and 45-minute cardio workout 3 times a week respectively


My work out essentials at a glance. My racing bib too. Just do it.

This goal is completed without any hiccups because I always reserve time for exercise and this is basically something I do every week on a regular basis. Setting a measurable time does helps me exercise more effectively though as it is now easier for me to organize the work out time and fit it better into my night routine. As I joined the Standard Chartered 10km race earlier, I tried not to overdo the running the week before to avoid getting injured and just jogged a short distance to keep my arms and legs moving. Now that the race has finished, I can resume to the longer distance runs to maintain the routine.

Go for a 20-minute brisk lunch hour walk outdoor 3 times a week


Motivation behind my lunch hour walk. Pretty self-explanatory huh?

This one is actually slightly easier to accomplish than I first thought. On the days that I had lunch with my colleagues, walking to and from the restaurant would already take 10 minutes one way. On the other days that I packed lunch, I went to the waterfront park near my office for a gentle stroll and spent some quiet time to refresh before heading back to the office. Sometimes, I would just walk around the district to get some personal errands done during lunch hour. I always wish that my schedule can allow a lunch time workout in the gym but then I realize even a quick 20 minutes walk could help me stay focused and energized throughout the rest of the day. It doesn’t require a lot of additional effort but does me unexpected wonders so I will definitely keep this going.

Summing Up

summing up2

Reviewing my actions inspired by the first chapter, I am satisfied by how things turned out with the specific, measurable and time-based goals. Certainly there is room for improvement on Go To Sleep Earlier especially with the second goal which encouraged me to look for alternative solution to tackle the issue. I saw the positive effects of sleeping early on me as I experienced a greater mental and physical well-being and of course a higher energy level so I will keep on developing discipline on it. On Exercise Better, I committed to what I said I would commit to and this action review serves as a good reminder to me so that my exercise and lunch hour walk routine won’t slip in the future even though I’ve completed my goals for this month. Same for the rest of the goals in this chapter, I set out to follow baby steps to achieve the goals and am excited to see what they will do to my life when I look back a year later from today!

That’s the end of our sharing and action review on Chapter One: Boost Energy. Feel free to revisit our previous bookings and drop us a note at at aloha.abf2@gmail.comEntering February, we will be switching gear to Chapter Two: Remember Love. Check back next week to read Keith’s thoughts on this topic!



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