Showing Love (Pt 2)


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February is always a short month because of the missing days. This year, I figured this month goes particularly fast since Chinese New Year (and of course together with the holidays too) fell under the same month and I was out of town on a business trip for the second half of the month.

Though this is the shortest month of the year, I didn’t intentionally reduce the number or intensity of my goals. Instead, I am committed to continue to action on the items carried over from January. Without further delay, let’s take a look at my actions against the commitments set out for this month.

1. What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while – keep it up


Even little things can bring colors to your partner’s life.

If I have to evaluate myself against this commitment, I think I kept up with it well. I have been practicing it on a day-to-day basis to a point where I now do it without having the need to constantly remind myself to. I reckon (at least for me) it is the right way of doing it because the intention should be genuine from the heart then the action will follow spontaneously instead of forcing to say or do something nice to your partner. However, setting this goal actually makes me become more aware of how small and thoughtful gestures can make a huge difference especially when Keith and I were physically apart for a period this month. I am glad that the little daily things we did made us feel more connected despite the distance.

2. Don’t expect praise or appreciation – be true to the cause


Show appreciation for others and let them shine.

I guess early and mid Feb were the times I gave out praise and showed appreciations the most during the month since it was Chinese New Year and we are supposed to say some nice blessings to people as part of the tradition. From a work context, my team just delivered a nice presentation successfully and received pleasant feedback. Internally, I appreciated the members’ effort and praised them for the good team work and preparation we’ve been working on over the past few days. I did not feel like I praised people more specifically after setting this goal since I usually give out words of compliment focusing on the work they have done instead of flattering them without any purposes. Yet, I am happy to go the extra mile to show more appreciation for others.

3. Fight right – don’t raise your voice, open your ears instead


Try to listen first. Then speak.

Honestly, I don’t recall any argument/ disagreement with others in my personal life but find a recent incident at work that’s fairly applicable to this topic. In a team of five people including myself, we were asked to work on a case study under a very tight time frame. During our team discussion, opinions varied among our team members that four of us supported approach A and one colleague, who showed a discouraging attitude throughout the discussion, wanted to pursue approach B. The talk was clearly going nowhere so we tried to step back and understand the rationale behind his idea, explained to him what we had in mind for our proposed approach and finally managed to convince him to go with approach A (with factual and numerical evidence).

After resolving this conflict, the case study then went smoothly and reached a satisfying outcome. Thus, I think the crux to handle conflicts is really to first respect different opinions and listen them out before jumping to conclusion. I will remind myself to continue doing this in the future if conflicts or disagreements arise.

4. Give proofs of love – let words and actions coincide


Not a bad way to give proofs of like that in the morning.

Echoing Keith’s sharing on this one last week, I am happy to share my perspective on how the unexpected happenings on our early Valentine’s date provided a perfect chance to give proofs of love. One of the reasons why we wanted to be consistent to Boost Energy is that it can keep us healthy so that we are less likely to get sick.

Unfortunately, things happen in life and I felt very unwell during our visit to the Wishing Tree that I had to leave early, visit the doctor and get rested that day. I am very thankful and appreciate that Keith kept me company all day and showed his care and thoughtfulness. We basically did nothing that afternoon but his presence was probably more effective than the medications had on me. This for sure was not the most exciting Valentine’s Day celebration (Deadpool gave it a good end to the day though) but it is very memorable in a sense that Keith demonstrated a great proof of love and that we coped the situation with love and flexibility when things didn’t go according to the plan.

From Last Month

I was suffering from sickness in the middle of the month so I had to get enough rest and thus stopped exercising for a while. After I recovered, I resumed my exercise plan to work off the calories and germs accumulated over Chinese New Year. Since I’ve registered for another 10km run in April, I have more motivation to keep up with my workout and running plan. On the flip slide, I slept fairly early when I was sick and went to the bed roughly before 12am for the rest of the nights.

Summing Up

summing up2

Looking at my four commitments, I am happy that I had good progress on realizing each of area. I will continue to keep up with showing love and care through small and thoughtful gestures and also give proofs of love. Also, I will challenge myself to fight right, accept different opinions and always bear in mind not to expect praise or appreciation but give out more compliments to people instead.

That’s it for February. Thank you again for following our sharing and action for two months already. This is a huge encouragement to keep us going. In March, we will be looking at how to Aim Higher at work. This is a relevant and interesting topic to a lot of us and I am sure you are as excited as me to hear what Keith has to say about it. Have a great weekend and see you here next week!



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