Finding Fun (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole 

Hello, it’s me. 

No, I am not going to sing publicly because Adele is probably a better singer than me. But as we approach the last week of May, I am delighted to share some of the fun activities I encountered recently and report on how I did with the commitments carried over from two weeks ago. I always wish to fill myself with as much fun and positivity in every circumstanceAfter all, having fun is the pathway to achieving happiness in life. 

Here’s my review of how things turned out.

1. Find more fun


Are you ready for a feast?

I will be honest and give myself half credit on this one. I did manage to cook in the two-week window but it was not anything new. Back in my college days, I used to make spaghetti carbonara at least once a week simply because it is easy and quick (well not THAT fast) to prepare. And it tastes good too. Ever since entering the workforce full time, cooking time becomes more and more precious but I do enjoy whenever I can run the show in the kitchen.

This week, on a day that I could clock out earlier than usual, I went to do some grocery shopping and get all the ingredients and seasonings (as you can see from above) I need for making seafood spaghetti carbonara. People often say it’s best not to visit the supermarkets after work since the aisles are usually crowded and the shelves are likely empty. Thankfully, it worked fine for me.

As soon as I occupied the kitchen, I started cooking right away with the company of music. Though I was tired, I certainly enjoyed the moment as it made me feel relaxed (hmmm not when I had to control the timing and temperature in parallel) and relieved stress. Are you interested to know what happened to the spaghetti at last? Feel free to check out our Facebook page if you wish to see the final product. I do have some ideas for a new dish that I always want to make – pledging to make it happen in the near future!

2. Go off the beaten path



I did not plan any specific commitments in my last post and decided to let novelty surprise me. Looking back, my life did not undergo a drastic transformation but rather it’s the little change in my daily experience that shaped the noticeable difference.One day after lunch, I went to the bookstore and saw a book titled 1,001 Ways to Live Wild. Its cover was the most eye-catching among all other books so I stopped and flipped through the pages until my eyes landed on #38 that coincides with my sharing last time. That made me wonder if God is delivering a message to me via this book 😛

So going back to the topic, I did manage to go off the beaten path on a team poker night. I am not a fan of gambling and know nothing about poker rules until my colleagues gave me a brief introduction to it. At first, I wasn’t planning to join them as I was having much more fun playing with the baby. While I was observing, I actually found that poker has a lot to do with making good decisions based on strategy and probability and taking risk. I decided to give it a try and play for fun. It is really a mathematical game with incomplete information on hand pretty much like studying Economics (that’s exactly what I did for 4 years in college). That night, I walked away from my colleague’s place with a big smiling face. They called it beginner’s luck. Yes yes, I am sure.

3. Start a collection


Not advertising. Adidas and Chelsea did not pay me but they probably should now.

This is Chelsea’s home kit for the 2016-17 season. This is also the last Chelsea home kit manufactured by Adidas as it is believed that the club is set to switch sponsor from three stripes to one tick starting from the 2017-18 season. Ever since the new kit was unveiled earlier this month, people have been criticizing the design, specifically the pattern of the rampant lion across the front. Honestly speaking, it is not the best design I’ve seen and I think they can certainly do better than what is being displayed now. While I can not take action at this moment, I will definitely buy it when it starts selling in Hong Kong in July. Simple reasons: to support my home team and to continue my jersey collection so that I can maintain its completeness. Look forward to seeing a cooler design next year!

From last month

On acknowledging the reality of people’s feelings, I tried to think from their stand point before commenting and avoid using words like “not”, “don’t”, and “no” during the conversations. I see the positive effects of doing it so will keep it going. On being a treasure house of happy memories and taking time for projects, the 10k running race (yes another one this month) that I just did last Saturday can well integrate the two together. Of course, I did not just run by myself but also with Keith and my cousin. It was indeed a great family memory, not to mention how quickly our family members responded to our photo that was shared on the chat group – with an almost uncountable amount of thumbs up emojis. But I am most grateful that Keith and I completed the race together and motivated each other along the way. Good job nickeith 🙂

Summing Up


On a high level, I am happy about my committed actions this month and will try my best to go off the beaten path and cook something new off the standard recipe. Not only did this chapter encourage me to find more fun in life, it also reminded me of the importance of embracing challenges with a positive attitude and a fun character which would eventually open up new perspectives.

Another chapter’s done, another month’s gone. Thank you for reaching the 5-month mark with us on A Booking For Two. May is always an awesome month and we promise you won’t be disappointed shall you continue to stay with us in June. Starting from next week, we will be looking at Friendship after discussing Vitality, Relationship, Work, Parenthood, and Leisure from January to May. Stay tuned for Keith’s sharing! Goodbye for now and see you back here next week.


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