Celebrating Friendsgiving (Pt 1)


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Friendsgiving is informally known as the celebration of Thanksgiving, but with friends instead of family. There’s usually good food involved, as well as an atmosphere of joy and good cheer. Given that our theme this month is “making time for friends”, I think this is the perfect month to celebrate Friendsgiving – with old friends and new.

So how did I do for this month’s commitments? Without further ado…

1. Remember Birthdays


We’ll probably have something in addition to just wine for our birthday dinners. Probably.

To be honest, I’m still pretty bad at this. But since my commitment for this idea was to organize birthday dinners for my friends, I’m happy to report that things have been going well, despite an unexpected turn of events.

One of my friends was away during his birthday, so I took the initiative to plan a belated birthday dinner for him after he returned from his trip. We nailed down a date, picked a restaurant, and made sure enough people were free to attend, but unfortunately he fell sick on the day of the dinner, meaning we’ll have to postpone the celebration.

While it sucks to hear a friend get sick, I’m still looking forward to the rescheduled dinner. Dates can change, but good food with great people always means an awesome time. Here’s wishing my friend a speedy recovery as we look forward to a superb evening of delicious fare and hearty laughter!

2. Be Generous


This guy can edit stuff on a laptop with the screen turned off. He’s #thenextlevel

Achieving this commitment, to help others in my own way, has been a conflicting journey. On the one hand, I committed to help a friend of my parents with some editing work that is related to her job. On the other hand, I started to feel slightly concerned with the increasingly frequent requests for help. While I am happy to be able to help, the common occurrences took time away from my moments of rest, and I was also worried that I would end up doing the lion’s share of work for my parents’ friend – whose job was to draft and edit a lot of these documents.

To resolve this, I decided to set up a weekly schedule where I would take in all editing requests on Monday and send back my edited drafts on Friday. By doing so, I hope to still be able to help my parents’ friend while at the same time not hijacking the job for myself or sacrificing some much-needed personal time after a long day of work.

3. Make Three New Friends


Actually a great way to familiarize yourself with your colleagues informally. #notmyoffice

Again, my commitment for this idea was not to follow the book mechanically, but to simply get to know my new colleagues better. I’m happy to report that this has been progressing nicely as I took the initiative to organize a couple of table tennis games with colleagues, with the goal of welcoming our new joiner and for us all to rub shoulders. It was the perfect way to take a break from the busy rhythms of work and for us all to build relationships in a relaxed way. I’m happy to have done this and hope our new colleague felt welcomed.

What’s more, I recently took part in an interview with a potential new joiner and am very happy that we decided to extend her an offer. If this person decides to accept our offer, I look forward to welcoming her on board and helping her become a valued part of the team. And then who knows, maybe somebody else will join and I would’ve made three new friends after all!

From Last Month

Last month was about finding fun. I was able to keep it up this month by playing football after work and re-watching some movies. A highlight of this was doing a Bourne trilogy marathon with Nicole – we’re so ready for the new one next month! In terms of going off the beaten path, I was very happy to be able to explore two new bookshops around where I work after lunch one day with an old friend. Those two shops did not offer the same wide range of books as the shop I usually go to, but it was a pleasure to explore a new place and to have a chance to catch up with an old friend during the entire time. Finally, for interrupting negative thoughts, I feel like I have been doing well with this. Now, I just need to remind myself to do that on the road whenever I see some inconsiderate/crazy drivers…

Summing Up

to-do list

And here we are, half way through our happiness project! I’m very pleased to have embarked on this journey with Nicole, reading what others have thought about achieving happiness, and taking small steps together to increase it in our own lives. Thank you for taking this trip with us too! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and are excited as we are as we to begin the second half of the year next month. But before that, another awesome post by Nicole awaits!


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