How To Buy Happiness (Pt 2)

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Are you happy? Will you be happier if you are given a million dollars?

Based on this pattern, people will find it challenging to reach the maximum level of happiness simply because the monetary value can go on and on to infinity. Though the general public would agree that wealth brings a sense of satisfaction and personal stability, having more money does not equal increased happiness. Instead, it is how people use their money that has a greater impact on their happiness level.

Before the validity of the above statement is questioned, I tried it out myself this month and am happy to share how I did.

1. Indulge in a modest splurge


Our feet, including babies’, deserve the best care.

In January, I pledged to boost energy by going to sleep earlier and exercising better. This month, while one of my commitments is to indulge in a modest splurge, I decided to spend on health and well-being to support my happiness goals. As a regular exerciser, I always enjoy going for a body massage every few weeks as it helps me relax sore muscles, increase joint flexibility, and of course boost energy for subsequent workouts later. More importantly, it allows me to unwind and rest my body for a while.

It was a busy week at work last week as I was swamped with transitioning my responsibilities to other parties and closing my existing work streams before starting a new project. After work, I did myself a favor and reserved some me-time for massage. One of the pleasurable aspects of massage is that it helps increase blood and lymph circulation and makes people feel less tight afterwards. I certainly felt stress-free and rejuvenated after the masseuse applied pressure on my feet and back. It was money well spent on experiences instead of things, as well as a treat for my soul and body. Being healthy is one of my key sources of happiness, and in return, being happy is also one of the key contributing factors to good health. What can be better than indulging in a little splurge to achieve both?

2. Buy needful things


90% of us have low-battery-anxiety. Don’t let it happen to you.

In my last post, I wrote on the basic concepts of Behavioral Economics and the difference between a satisficer and maximizer. As mentioned, I am a mix of both, like many people. This month, I displayed  characteristics of both the satisficer and maximizer in two categories of needful purchases. Since my two iPhone cables were broken (at the same time 😦 ) and the phone wouldn’t charge itself (as you can imagine, very annoying), I went to the electronics store and picked up a new cable. Done and done. Clearly a satisficer in this scenario.

While Gretchen said satisficers are usually happier than maximizers, I actually quite enjoy being the latter. I have always wanted to buy a new pair of yoga pants. I already have a few pairs at home so I don’t need it urgently and prefer looking for the best option in terms of quality, look, and price. One day, a pair of cool yoga pants that fulfilled all three criteria above appeared in front of me. You probably know what happened next without me saying it! Since buying it, I still saw some attractive deals occasionally but always reminded myself that I already got what I want and honestly don’t need anything extra. Again, just remembering to buy needful things and be a wise consumer.

From last month

Summer is the season when friends from overseas return home and enjoy some time off their regular work and school schedule. In July, I am glad to have shown up in gatherings and caught up with friends whom I haven’t seen for a while. It’s great to recall fun memories from the good old days and update each other on what has been going on. How interesting that our conversation topics have gradually changed as we age! As for being generous, my company is in the midst of performance review and I am asked to provide feedback to a few colleagues whom I have worked with before. I spent time to write them honest and constructive feedback and recognized their contributions with good words. Hopefully the input is helpful and their performance will be well-rewarded.

Summing up

summing up2

As you are probably aware, July is a long month with an extra Friday after this week. What are we going to share next week? In April, we launched A Trip for Two and were thrilled that it’s well-received on different social platforms and that you guys enjoyed reading it. A hearty thank you for all your support!

Following the success of the inaugural Japan trip review, we will be doing another one next week – this time on a beautiful country in Europe! Are you a foodie who likes authentic pizza or gelato? Or a photographer who enjoys taking breath-taking pictures? Or a cultural expert who……. Oh well, regardless of what you fancy, your needs will be catered to. Folks, sit tight and get ready to revisit a memorable journey with us next week! Speak soon.


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