Pursue a Passion (Pt 1)


Booking under: Keith

September’s chapter is titled “Pursue a Passion“. I was worried this would be one of those cliched chapters that only contained generic words of encouragement. Instead, I was very happy to read about how Gretchen pursues her passion for books. As you know, I’ve always enjoyed reading too, so I could not wait to dive into this chapter and glean a few insights myself.

1. Write a Novel


Not pictured: Gretchen’s novel. We’d love to know what it is if you can find it for us!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to be writing the next Harry Potter just yet. But that just might be what Gretchen will do in the future, as she shared that her commitment was to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. For those of you who are good at math (or have a calculator on hand), that’s around 1,667 words a day.

While an undertaking like this would be daunting for most people, Gretchen took on the challenge (and succeeded) due to her passion for books. Although I’m sure it was not easy, her love for reading and writing helped spur her on, and she was able to complete writing her novel (but we still don’t know where to find it!).

Reading about the way Gretchen pursued her writing challenge has been quite inspiring. I’ve actually been engaged in a personal writing project for myself as well, which is shaping up to be a book on my favorite philosopher. My commitment then is to simply continue to work on my book and make progress. If you have any book publishing tips or resources, be sure to share them with me. I’ll be eternally grateful!

2. Forget about Results


Don’t forget about results… but no need to make a graph for everything too!

Does this sound weird to you? I honestly expected Gretchen to discuss the importance of tracking personal growth and development, so it was a little weird to see her explicitly state “forget about results”.

Then again, I can see why she made this point. Sometimes, it is better to not worry about hard results and just pursue our favorite activities. While I agree we need to enjoy the things we are passionate about, I think it’s unwise to just indulge in a hobby without seeing if we are getting better at it or creating value from it.

Therefore, while I won’t be a total stickler and measure my work or writing output daily, I will remind myself to track progress and development at work and in my personal writing, while also checking in bi-weekly to see how I have progressed on my writing work.



That’s it for me this month. I’ve been very excited to read about Gretchen’s passion for books and how she has pursued it. By following similar steps, I hope to be able to do something similar. Just imagine how great it would be to hold a published book in your hands!

What’s your passion project? Do you have a story to share on pursuing a hobby? Sound off in the comments below!


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