Pursue a Passion (Pt 2)


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While September’s theme is centered around reading and books, my passion project is broader than that. From quiet activities such as reading and painting to physical activities like playing badminton and hiking, I enjoy indulging my deep inner desire to create and nourish my spirit. The canvas paintings hung on the wall in my room is a good showcase for one of my passion projects – art jamming!

I enjoy being an amateur artist and also think it will be nice to become an author like Gretchen too. Reading and writing provide inspiration and meaning, which will carry over into other areas of my life in beneficial ways. Let’s take a look at my key takeaways in September. Do they coincide with yours?

1. Make Time


No, I won’t make time for chilli pepper. I just can’t handle it.

We all know that Gretchen is passionate about reading and writing books herself, but she faced a hurdle of not having enough time to read because of the significant amount of time spent on watching television. Fortunately, I am not a big fan of watching television except for daily news and weekly football games so Gretchen’s issue didn’t become mine. However, exercising after work does take up my time at night. Sometimes I feel too tired to pursue further readings and would rather rest my body.

There are only 24 hours a day, and I do wish it can go up to 25,30, or eve 40. In economic terms, time is finite and has great demand. Of course I am not able to create time, but I can manage my time more effectively to maximize the number of hours I can use. Reading is a healthy routine as it develops my mind and allows me to discover new things along the way. Hence, I am willing to cut down on time from other activities to free up time for reading. 

In line with the above, my commitment is to reduce the time spent on reading random articles shared online, and replace this time by reading more in-depth books that I am planning to work through. I will start following this commitment and report whether using my time more wisely on reading will promote happiness in two weeks time.

2. Forget About Results

hot air ballon.jpeg

Oops…isn’t it problematic if people forget about results when they go hot air ballooning?

Are you goal-oriented or process-oriented? I often ask myself this question and believe the answer is highly dependent on the activity that is referred to. At school, we study hard to get good grades. At work, we give our best to strive for career progression. And even at workouts, we train for maintaining physical well-being and noticeable results in body shape. It does seem to make sense to focus on working towards an outcome and make it happen. However, when people become too obsessed with this mindset, they will be over-stressed and tend to evaluate happiness based on whether they achieve a certain milestone. I acknowledge the importance of outcome and also believe the value of committing to process should not be neglected.

As my parents always taught me, treat things with an ordinary heart and calm attitude. And that’s also my goal for this month. This logic is widely applicable in various life incidents, as well as reading too. A lot of times, we read books with a purpose of gaining meaningful knowledge or achieving self-improvement. Some people might be annoyed if they didn’t receive what was originally expected. Alternatively, when reading without worrying too much about outcomes, people might absorb information beyond their expectation, such as expanding vocabulary and improving concentration. I am ready to peel away the layers of the book and enjoy the reading process. Let’s see what will come along the way!

Summing Up

summing up

My two commitments on reading are not scientifically proven to boost happiness but it can help make me a better person at the very least. What about you? How do you feel about reading? Is it one of your hobbies too? Let us know what you think about the subject and share your passion story by dropping a note below or writing to aloha.abf2@gmail.com. Come back next week to revisit Keith’s goals and see how he’s been working on it. Have a great weekend folks and wish you guys an early Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with your family!


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