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As we approached the middle of September, the weather got damp and cool. For two days, it’d seem like we were enjoying genuine fall weather.

Then, it got hot again. Welcome to Hong Kong!

But even if the weather was being funky, I wanted to be consistent with pursuing my passions  which I shared about two weeks ago. Let’s see how things went:



Will I ever write a book as thick as that? Probably not. But it’s not too late to start dreaming!

Here, my commitment was to continue to work on my book (on David Hume). I’m happy to report that things have been moving along nicely (if slowly) in this area. I’ve spent some time reading/watching various source materials, learning from various authors, and expanding my draft. So far, the draft has gone through one round of guest edits (thank you to those who helped out!), and I hope to have it ready for round two of editing before the end of the year.

It’s been good fun working on this book, even though I often worry if it’ll be good or how I’ll turn a bunch of ideas in my head into a physical book (that people will actually bother reading!). That said, I’ll continue to work on this passion project, and hope to give you some updates soon! If you know anyone who has publishing experience or connections, or if that person is you, please drop me a message at aloha.abf2@gmail.com. I’ll be very grateful. Like super super super grateful. And grateful.



Don’t forget about results – at work or in play!

Two weeks later, and I still can’t completely agree with Gretchen’s idea of not putting progress first and simply enjoying activities. To be honest, I’m a lot less rigorous with tracking non-work progress (I don’t have a journal for non-work items), but I still want to ensure I’m making progress on my personal project.

For my book, I’ve been using an excel spreadsheet to track the word counts and also kept tabs on the file update dates of the individual chapters. As mentioned, this has been quite slow (maybe a few hundred words a week), but it’s always encouraging to be able to compare the difference in word count after a week or two. I don’t know if I want to pursue a more systematic way of tracking (perhaps I’m just lazy), but I’ll at least continue with what I have been doing. Do you have ideas or tips on this? Again, I’d love to hear you thoughts!


My goals last month were to keep a gratitude notebook and to imitate a spiritual leader. I have been doing well with my gratitude notebook commitments so far, taking a few minutes each night to write down five things I am thankful for that day. This has taught me to appreciate the small things even more, and reminded me that I have much to be cheerful about – especially on days I can get a seat on the bus to and from work! My second commitment from August blends perfectly with my commitment in September to write on Hume. I’ve continued to read and work on my book on his thoughts. Excited to continue these commitments in the coming months!


to-do list

While this hasn’t been a month of explosive progress, I’m still happy to be making headway on my goals to read and write. It’s often a struggle to come home from a long day of work and then try to kick myself into more “work”. But every time I’ve done it, I’ve had a lot of pleasure from reading, thinking, and writing.

What’s one activity you’re passionate about? How often do you pursue it? Do you have a fun story to share? Let us know in the comments below and check back next week as Nicole shares her own progress for this hot-and-cold-and-hot month of September!


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