Living with Wisdom (pt 1)

living with wisdom

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Two weeks ago, I shared some true rules that guide my outlook on life. It’s been a lot of fun evaluating what I take to be fundamental principles and reaffirming the ones I want to abide by.

In what follows, I’ll offer a quick review of how I was able to live out these true rules for the month of October.


concert croww

I’ve always found concerts to be special place: countless people from different walks of life all becoming equals in their love of music.

Although this principle may sound universal, I’ve found that it can harder to keep than expected. A good example for this is in the workplace.

At work, and perhaps especially in Asia where office hierarchies are more pronounced, it’s very easy to prioritize the tasks assigned by higher-ups while finding excuses to push off commitments made to co-workers. That said, I tried my best to honor this true rule by treating all of my colleagues as equals and executing tasks based on priority and urgency, instead of looking at who issued them.

Just this past week, I was asked to look into something by a much more senior colleague on top of my ongoing stack. I was tempted to put everything on hold and iron out this task first, but realized that it would not be fair or productive to do that. In the end, I sent an email to that colleague to let him know I will work on it early this week. As I’ve come to learn, setting realistic expectations is basic work etiquette that we should practice with any colleagues, regardless of their position in the company. Well said!


Banana Businessman

What if everyone did that? Life at the office would be much more fun!

Applying this true rule was another reminder to be courteous and respectful. At work, I again put in the effort to communicate clearly, reminding myself that if everyone just did what they wanted without effective communication, we wouldn’t get anything done.

Outside of work, I also tried to go out of my way to be courteous. Since I would not want to live in a world where strangers on the bus were rude to me, I also decided to not fight for extra space while commuting and to allow others to get on before me where it was reasonable. Although these were not huge personal sacrifices, it was good to be reminded of a similar truth espoused by Jesus: to treat others as you would like to be treated.



There’s always two sides to everything that happens in life. Let’s always choose positive.

One of the benefits of employment is that I get to practice this rule everyday. Just this week, I’ve been asked to contribute on a task I had no prior experience in. Doing so meant I had to juggle an additional item in my list of responsibilities, and I admit I had some complaints in my head initially.

However, it was very helpful to remind myself that I have been given the chance to learn something new and become an even more valuable member of my work team. While this will not be the last new task I take on (I hope!), I’m grateful for the opportunity to not only expand my portfolio of skills, but also to choose positive.



Just to reiterate, dessert after dinner proves that “bitter first, sweet later” is right

Practicing this skill has been the most difficult, since I often arrive home at the end of the day and don’t want to do anything else besides kicking back to relax. However, I’ve tried on several days to get some work in on my book and to deal with some other errands before calling it a night for some leisure time.

I haven’t been perfect on this one, especially since I’ve been trying to bust through the levels of a computer game I recently reinstalled. But on the days where I did choose to complete non-work work before chill-axing, it’s made my down time all the more enjoyable. Here’s to better discipline to keep this going.


My items last month were to continue working on my book and to keep tracking results. I’m happy to report that things have been going well on these two fronts, as I’ve added a few hundred words each weekday to push my book to a second rough draft. I’m aiming to get the draft into the hands of some readers and am excited to see it moving one (tiny) step closer to completion. Woot!


to-do list

That’s it from me for October. Have you identified your true rules? How have you been practicing them? Let us know how you did, and tune in next week as we see how Nicole has been doing!


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