Living with Wisdom (Pt 2)


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Life is a lot like sailing.

Sometimes, winds and currents may blow and flow against us, but countering the situation with wisdom will enable us to steer in the direction that we want to travel. Similarly, practicing the true rules below gives me reasons to live my life consciously and meaningfully.

Take Responsibility For Yourself


Discover new path in road trip!

I think I did well in this one as taking responsibility for myself is integrated into my decision-making thought process every day. This past Sunday, I was invited to a birthday celebration in the afternoon for a good friend whom I’ve known for 10 years. Yet, the event conflicted with my regular teaching schedule. As much as I wanted to join the birthday celebration, I also wanted to be responsible for my teaching role.

Finally, I pulled it off by compromising to start the class early right after church and heading to the celebration as soon as the class finished. Though it was one crazy day with a tight schedule,  I fulfilled both purposes of teaching and celebrating the birthday for my friend. Win-win situation for everyone!

Put Family First


Can you guess the number of pumpkins on the patch?

A few weeks ago, I took two weeks off to go on a family trip in North America. Usually, when I was in the city, I would go on a city tour by myself for a day. This time, I just dedicated all my time to my family and did things with them. Whether it was having yummy seafood and dim-sum meals with my relatives, visiting the pumpkin patch, or picking up my little cousins from school, we enjoyed each other’s company and had a lot of fun.

The 7-hour road trip between New York and Quebec was also another highlight. My dad and I shared the miles while my mom was busy taking pictures at the back. Some people may think getting stuck in a moving box for so many hours is boring, but we actually exchanged thoughtful conversations as a family and enjoyed the phenomenon of fall foliage along the highway together. Road trip is really an opportunity for another kind of discovery!

You are what you eat

lobster roll.jpg

Lobster is ridiculously delicious. Have you found your lobster in real life?

During my trip in North America, eating occupied most of the itinerary. Our relatives were very caring that they arranged many nice meals for us. Though we put on our walking shoes quite a lot, the chilly weather just made us scarf down food more frequently. Together with the long hours of sitting in the car, it’s easy to imagine the weight gain over these two weeks.

After returning to Hong Kong, I always reminded myself to eat mindfully. When I ate out with friends, I tried to be more conscious of what went into my mouth. But group meals have less flexibility so you don’t always get what you want to eat. Exercising is a big part of it too. As the weather started to get cooler, I resumed my outdoor running routine. Progress is okay so far. By doing these, I hope to get back my best physique in a short period of time.

Pride Comes Before The Fall


Being a non-coffee drinker, I have a lot of appreciation for latte art and always want to learn the skills.

As year-end is coming, the result of employees’ performance review at work will be announced gradually. While I have a rough idea of how it will turn out, I will continue to stay humble and keep developing my professional career with honesty and confidence. For me, confidence means having the courage to ask questions and also the willingness to learn from others.

Recently, my senior asked me to help create a business proposal. Though I am unfamiliar with the content of the subject, it’s a good opportunity to be exposed to new challenges. It consumed quite a bit of my time to conduct research and analysis on the topic, so I took the benefit of asking the subject matter experts a few key questions. Their insights helped me connect the dots and acquire newfound knowledge. Going forward, I will continue to be adaptable and flexible in learning new things so that I can be resourceful to deal with challenges.

Save for a Rainy Day


Will the wealth of weather information on Apple watch keep me dry on rainy days?

This one was relatively easy to keep because I do set aside a portion of my paycheck for saving and specific purposes at the beginning of every month. Of course, October is no exception to that. Thank God I didn’t experience any personal emergencies this month, so there was not a need to dip into the rainy day fund. There were a few occasions that I had to practice etiquette and show respect, but I did it voluntarily and it didn’t interrupt my financial discipline.

From Last Month

My commitments last month were to make time and forget about results. Recently, I bought the book that I’ve always wanted to read about. For about three days a week, I would fit in some reading after exercising, and it worked out fine. This book relies heavily on anecdotes to tell the stories before bringing out the main theme of the chapter. I have been enjoying it so far. Thanks to the unexpected Typhoon Signal No. 8 in Hong Kong last week, I earned a free day at home and progressed well in reading. I shall keep up with this habit and look forward to learning more from the true words.

Summing Up

summing up2

Wisdom exists in everyday life, not just on a particular day or month like October. Yet, I am grateful to have shared my thoughts relating to principles with you this month. In November, we will master our minds through discussing Attitude, an important factor that helps people get through their ups and downs in life. Stay tuned for Keith’s update next week.


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