Boot Camp Perfect (Pt 1)

boot camp perfect

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As we step into December, it’s crazy to imagine that it’s almost been a full year since we started this blog. If you’re still here with us, thanks for your support – we really appreciate it!

For December, Gretchen summed up her year and took note of the habits in her life that made her happy. In particular, she talked about eliminating bad feelings from negative behaviour, living in an atmosphere of growth, and making others happy to boost her own happiness. As she sketched out what happiness means for her, it got me thinking: what is happiness?

What is happiness?

yummy beakfast

For many people, happiness can be a delicious breakfast with a loved one somewhere far away.

Of course, it’d be very difficult to answer a perennial philosophical question within a few short sentences, but I think one year of reading and practicing happiness tips has allowed me to gain a little perspective on the matter. I think happiness is the result of living positively.

When we treat others with respect, we are exhibiting positivity and good manners. When we care for a loved one, we are acting positively towards their growth and development as a person. When we counter negative thoughts with positive ones, that’s us being positive already. I think it’s when we live positively that we feel a sense of happiness – a sense of warmth and joy at the good we have done for ourselves and others.



A very short post this month, since there weren’t any new commitments to take. Gretchen spent this month pondering what happiness means for her, and I’m very pleased to have the chance to do this for myself.

Join us next week as Nicole reflects on what happiness means for her. Then tune in again the week after as we begin to share our top learnings for the entire 2016. What does happiness mean to you? We want to hear from you!


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