Boot Camp Perfect (Pt 2)


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This time last year, Keith and I were discussing what to write for A Booking For Two and testing the functionality for this site. One year later, the site is running well and we are already wrapping up The Happiness Project as well as 2016, a year filled with blessings and happiness. Having read about and tried out Gretchen’s suggestions to pursue happiness, I think this is a legit time to reflect and share my inner voice of what these 9-letters actually mean to me.

What does Happiness mean?


The good news is how you want to decorate the Christmas Tree is your choice.

Happiness is often a word that is hard to define. Since finding happiness is personal and specific to many different people, there’s no single right way to be happy. As an Economics major, I always believe (almost) everything is a choice. And that made me ponder: is happiness a choice too?

To the best of my knowledge and belief, it is not. Rather, happiness is the result of adopting a positive attitude which allows people to appreciate their life experiences even when facing adversity. Attitude is a choice, and happiness is really an attitude of the mind. Changing our attitudes through life will change the way we look at circumstances.

We are largely responsible for our happiness and have the need to understand how our own happiness system works. Recognizing when we are not happy and working through it is a healthy and important exercise that everyone should learn to practice.

What makes me happy?

ryvj17pefxs-beatriz-perez-moya (1).jpg

You can even paint the Christmas ornament into a color of your choice!

For me, happiness is very simple. That is having good health and living with purpose, which have long and lasting implications. Having a physically strong body confers me to live longer so that I can love longer and have robust energy to spend with my family and loved one. Living a life with purpose gives me motivations to practice my core beliefs to make a difference and achieve my personal and professional goals. Without surprises, health, love, hope, and goals are all contributing factors to my overall happiness level!

Summing Up

summing up

That’s it for my point of view on happiness this week. As said, there is no universal definition of happiness, so feel free to voice out your thoughts on this topic by leaving a comment below. What’s next? Watch this space for updates as Keith will share his top learnings from the 12 chapters next week. Don’t miss it!


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