Looking ahead in 2017


Booking under: Nicole & Keith

Today marks a special occasion for A Booking For Two – our blog has been running for one full year! We want to thank you for your loyal support and for joining us on our happiness project – we hope it has helped you discover happiness in your own life too.

After contemplating the meaning of happiness and how to achieve it on a day-to-day basis, we’re excited to dive into a new book on a related theme: designing a life that works for you.



Mario and Yoshi are set to design their lives outside of the game. What about you?

Our new book is Designing Your Life, written by two Stanford professors and engineers who run the Stanford Design Program . The key thrust of the book is how to use the design process, a process of constant creativity and experimentation, to design a life that we love.

In particular, the book focuses on our professional lives, as we do spend most of our days working. The book examines some common “dysfunctional beliefs” (false beliefs that prevent people from designing a life they love) and explores how we can design a better life given our current situation.

As two young professionals, we’re thrilled to read this new book and learn from two gurus in the design profession. And as we uncover insights and try out the exercises outlined in the book, we hope you’ll join us and start your own life-design adventure. It sure looks fun!

For now, have a wonderful end of the year and remember to stay warm! Join us next week as we welcome 2017 by exploring Chapter 1 of Designing Your Life!


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