The Dashboard (Pt 2)


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As much as I wish I am exploring the nature in the wild like the lady above, I am actually sitting at my desk and filling in my life dashboard on health, work, play, and love. The idea  behind this assignment is to work out a balance and adjust it accordingly.

Before I climb into my warm bed and dream about the delicious food over Chinese New Year, let me share my gauges on each of the four areas.



NOW is the perfect time to go strawberry picking!

Maintaining physical well-being is something that I care a lot about, so I consciously incorporate this mentality into my daily life and am happily satisfied with my health condition. Whether eating at home or outside, I try my best to eat at a reasonable time and have a balanced intake of nutrients.

Apart from eating healthily, I also run and work out regularly to strengthen my physique and keep in shape. If you are also interested in developing a fitness routine, feel free to visit here. When time is limited, stretching is my alternative to give flexibility to the joints and enhance muscular coordination.

Besides, I am a big fan of massage. It helps boost my blood circulation and does my body a world of good. Recently, I am reading about acupoints and the associated benefits of applying pressure to them. Hopefully learning more health tips can keep me motivated to lead a healthy and active lifestyle!

Overall: 3.5/4



Aloha to multiple choice questions again.

Working in a professional service company gives me a good platform to develop in the functional areas that I try to specialize in. As I take ownership of projects, I gain good exposure to management and learn from the best people coming from various backgrounds.  Inevitably, there were days when working hours were long and pressure was high, but the load was manageable and it didn’t affect my work-life balance a lot.

On top of my daily project work, I am involved in developing business opportunities for the company and driving women initiatives within Hong Kong office. Having shared with you the idea last August, I am excited to report that it’s progressing well and that it will officially commence next month!

In parallel, I am also preparing towards obtaining a professional certificate on project management which is a nice skill to have and will open up a good avenue on the career front. It will be fun to see all the maths and good old multiple choice questions again. I look to achieve this goal by late 2017/early 2018.

Overall: 2.5/4



Who would have thought 16 feathers and a cone can be turned into something so entertaining?

When I was in high school, I practiced badminton every week for the Iinter-school competitions. After growing up, it remains my favorite ballgame because it brings me joy and develops my agility when running from one side of the court to another. Unfortunately, I don’t get to play badminton as frequently as before, so I wish to pick up this sport again this year.

In recent years, I’ve developed a hobby of participating in different 10k running races. It’s a great thing to do because it trains my physical stamina, motivates me to practice regularly, and gives me a huge sense of satisfaction when crossing the finish line. Extra bonus if I am running for a cause that’s close to my heart.

Speaking of which, I have recently signed up to another 10k charity run in April that raises money for improving young girls’ education in developing countries. Two months until the next race and it’s time to hit the ground running again!

Overall: 2/4



If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together ❤

Love is an integral part of our lives. It keeps the world going and gives deeper meaning to everything. On relationship, I am happily blessed with having Keith by my side and that we love and support each other along the way. At the same time, I remind myself that it’s important to reserve time for family and friends too.

Some people say communication is the gasoline in love’s engine. As the provider and recipient of love, I agree absolutely. Having effective communication is paramount to a healthy and enduring relationship. When people are willing to share their inner feelings and thoughts through dialogues, it allows us to sort out problems with ease together and strengthens the level of trust, honesty, and respect.

While things are going smooth, I feel thankful and wish to keep nurturing the deep-reaching bonds with the people that I love and care about.

Overall: 3/4

Summing Up


Reflecting on my life dashboard, I have observed the following actions to be taken:

  • Health: continue to lead a healthy lifestyle and sleep early
  • Work: study towards the professional certificate
  • Play: play more badminton
  • Love: spend time and communicate effectively with loved ones

Now that we’ve evaluated ourselves on these areas, we have successfully explored the “how” and are now ready to move on to the next steps suggested by Bill and Dave to tackle each of them directionally. Feel free to share what you think about the subject by dropping a comment below or writing to Before you come back to read Keith’s thoughts on life and work, let us wish you a prosperous year of Rooster with good health and happiness! chicekn1


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