Finding True North (Pt 1)

true north

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In the chapter 1 of Designing Your Life, we looked at gravity problems and evaluated the state of our work, health, play, and love. This month, we turn to consider two important sets of questions – questions about our workview and lifeview. The answer to these questions is supposed to help us find our true north – the guiding direction for our lives.

Without further ado, let’s get started:



“I propose… changing our work to having the most time off possible!”

Work. It’s what we spend most of our lives doing. Heck, it’s what I spent most of today doing.

But of course, Bill and Dave mean more than just what we do within our paid employment when they speak about our workview. Instead, they ask us to consider questions such as:

  • What is work?
  • Why do it?
  • What makes “good” work?

For this month’s action item, I will complete the workview evaluation that Bill and Dave suggested. But in the meantime, here’s a rough definition of work (for me):

Work is the application of our skills and talents to create some value in society, for which we can be rewarded (monetarily or otherwise)

Will my definition change? How will I answer the workview questions in two week’s time? Tune in and find out!


ape thinking

What’s the purpose of life? He’s still working on it…

Perhaps more important than our workview is our lifeview. Bill and Dave uses this term to capture the wider philosophical questions that everyone asks, such as:

  • Why am I here?
  • What’s the purpose of life?
  • What’s most important in life?

As you no doubt agree, these are tough questions to answer. And despite a background in philosophy, I’m still working on my lifeview as I learn more about the world. Here are my preliminary thoughts on the purpose of life:

The purpose of life is to learn about our world and create value in it, using the talents that we’ve been given by God.

Do you agree? While I do have a theistic bias to my lifeview (despite the many questions I have about biblical Christianity), I’m looking forward to completing the lifeview evaluation this month to further explore this significant topic. Again, tune in next time to see what I come up with here!


summary notes

Only two action items this month, but they will both be lengthy evaluations of our views on work and life in general. I’m excited to take on these actions, and hope I can gain more understanding on life and our place in it.

What do you think? What does work mean to you? What do you think the purpose of life is? Feel free to sound off and let us know your thoughts, and remember to come back next week as we read Nicole‘s thoughts on these two topics!


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