Finding True North (Pt 2)

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What is a compass composed of? Most people will say a wind rose with the orientation of four cardinal directions.

For Bill and Dave, it’s a little different. In order to know where we are going in life and whether we are going towards the right direction, they suggested that we create a compass that’s built with our workview and lifeview. They help us answer some of the most original and yet important questions and find our quest ultimately. Let’s check out mine below.


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I work with two screens. Maybe three if my phone counts.

Keith gave a legit definition to work in his post last week, and I agree with him. On the surface level, work means creating things and adding value to other people’s lives or our own by putting in time and intentional effort (labor or knowledge). Regardless of the nature of the work, it has to come with a purpose which gives meaning to what we do. Work is also a daily grind that provides stable source of income to support our cost of living and personal goals.

Now, what makes good work? From my perspective, it need not be extraordinary, but rather something that can connect my values to my actions and can challenge me to think, learn, and grow intellectually. Most importantly, good work gives me a sense of satisfaction that makes the sweats worthwhile and motivates me to keep on going.



One day.

When I was little, I often posed “Who am I?” to myself. It then prompted me to ponder deeper into “What is the nature of being?” and “Why am I connected to these individuals?”. Questions like these opened the door to explore my inner life. However, at the age of seven, I was not sophisticated enough to answer a myriad of complex questions.

Approaching my mid-20s, I still can’t give a concrete answer but my life experience and personal exploration have allowed me to develop a proposition for my lifeview at this point in my life.

For me, the purpose of life is to live out my values and with integrity, resonate with love and compassion, and make a positive impact on the lives of others and to the society. Being a Christian teaches me a lot about the concept of lives impacting lives as I have witnessed the transformation of peoples’ lives through the testimonies of others.

Summing Up


My homework assignment in February is to reflect on my workview and lifeview and explore the relationship between them to see if they coincide or integrate. I look forward to sharing my views with you in two weeks as it will also help me understand further what my compass is composed of and what is missing in there.

How well do you know your workview and lifeview? What questions did you ask yourself before being able to answer the first question? Let us know what you think by either dropping a note below or writing to Next week, Keith will share his evaluations on these two topics. Stay tuned!


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