Building a Compass (Pt 2)


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Question: Is it a dolphin or a whale?

Nevermind 😛 … Dolphins, my favorite aquatic mammal, are well known for their intelligence, playfulness, and friendliness – these attributes enchanted me since they are something that I want to relate to. Using echolocation, dolphins can see better under water and determine the directions to travel. Similarly, human beings utilize compass to help them navigate on the ground.

Before I go on and explain my admiration towards dolphins , let me first share with you my take on more interesting aspects, my workview and lifeview.



I have deep appreciation towards beautiful work of art.

Recapturing my definition towards work, it means creating things and adding value to other people’s lives or our own by putting in time and intentional effort, either labor or knowledge. Work is not just any activity, but one that requires commitment and responsibilities and make a positive impact to the business (work) or society (communal/ interpersonal).

Employees in Hong Kong are known for working very long hours; however, their job satisfaction is inversely related. Key reasons of job dissatisfaction include being underpaid, limited advancement opportunities, or simply lack of interest. I believe not everyone loves their job, which is normal, but at least people should know the purpose of their work and that it makes them feel worthwhile.

For instance, I wouldn’t say I love working on Excel models but indeed I learnt a great deal and gradually gained satisfaction as I saw the associated benefits and was recognized for the work done. Is it still considered as good work then? Absolutely. To conclude, the crux of my philosophy of work really lies within opportunity to grow, to achieve satisfaction, and to obtain a reasonable work-life balance.



Be still.

Many of us are so distracted by work and chores that we seldom have time to ponder deeply about the meaning of life. It’s good to sit down and have a bit of thought on this subject quietly. As defined last week, the purpose of life is to live out my values and with integrity, resonate with love and compassion, and make a positive impact on the lives of others and to the society.

God created human beings with a purpose, and everyone comes to this world with an unique mission as well. No matter how big or how small it seems, we are all empowered with the skills and talents to put ourselves to use for something meaningful and impactful. The concept of lives impacting lives was first introduced in my church in the States 7 years ago and it has struck me ever since. I believe it is this human interaction and deep bonding between one another that shape the world around us.

Lastly, God teaches us to treat others as we want to be treated and grow a righteous character. Developing virtues like faith, hope, and love, we are more likely to become closer to God and get our lives in order.

Summing Up


I wish I had given more examples to demonstrate my workview and lifeview but the above has well elaborated my thoughts on a high level. To answer one of the key questions raised by Bill and Dave, my view on work and life does complement one another in the sense that work supports the feasibility of achieving life goals and life also impacts the decisions made at work.

Entering March, we will be exploring another topic, wayfinding. Come back for Keith’s updates next week!


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