Wayfinding (Pt 1)


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Thank God it’s Friday? Many people would indeed greet today with a huge sigh of TGIF, since it represents the end of a tough workweek and the start of the weekend where we can kick back and relax.

However, this seems to be the case because many people are dissatisfied with their jobs and find it an unfulfilling energy-drain. In this month’s chapter of Designing Your Life, Bill and Dave take us through a process of wayfinding – to help us find clues that make work more enjoyable and meaningful.


video games

Video games… an easy way to eat up your engagement.

One of the first major clues the authors mention is engagement. Engagement is simple: how focused we are on the current task at hand, and how positive/negative we feel about it. In particular, Bill and Dave note that the highest level of engagement is a state of mind called flow. When we achieve flow, we are totally immersed in the task and there is a perfect balance of challenge and comfort level.

To help us measure our engagement levels, Bill and Dave recommend constructing a Good Time Journal. It’s basically a log of our work activities and our emotional state while executing each task. Which tasks do we feel excited and focused on? Which ones do we dread and feel bored while doing? These are the things I will record over the next week.


football energizes me

As you might have guessed, playing football energizes me!

A related clue to engagement is energy. Like engagement, energy is important because our work can either add to our energy or negatively drain it. If taken to the extreme, negative energy might even cause us to feel negative emotions and render us unproductive for whatever other tasks we have to face.

Since our brains take up around 25% of the energy we consume everyday, it’s important for us to spend it wisely. In that spirit, I will also be tracking my energy in my Good Time Journal over the next week. Are you excited to see what I’ll discover? I am!


summary notes

This month, my only action item is to start the Good Time Journal. I’ll be logging my activities at work and also tracking my engagement and energy levels. The hope is that doing this experiment and reflecting on the results can help me see what I enjoy doing, what I don’t enjoy so much, and whether my work activities fit well with my workview.

I know you’re excited to read about my findings. But before you do so, check in next week for Nicole’s learnings first! It’ll be an energizing read!


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