Wayfinding (Pt 2)


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Last month, we discussed the importance of acquiring a compass in the life design process. In what follows, we will apply the knowledge and learn how to enable the tool with actions to find a way in life and evaluate if we are heading towards the right direction.

Are you ready to find your way?



Well said in many ways.

In today’s demanding society, a lot of us multi-task at work to ensure deadlines are met in due course. When we process several tasks in parallel, it’s easy to notice that we are more productive and focused on some of them over the others. Taking a civil engineer as example, Bill and Dave acknowledged this phenomenon and suggested that discovering the activities that truly engage us will facilitate our life design work.

Indeed, people tend to perform best at work when they are engaged. They are more likely to fully devote their effort to a specific piece of work and bring about a positive outcome, resulting in the state of flow. When working on my Good Time Journal this month, I will pay close attention to flow and explore how it drives my engagement at work.



Totally welcome if this appears in my 3:30 energy break!

Every activity, whether physical or mental, requires energy consumption. Work, which we spend at least 8 hours a day on, is not an exception. Whilst maintaining high energy is always on the wish list, it can go completely opposite when negativity and boredom drag people down and make them feel grumpy.

Hence, keeping track of our energy levels is a good idea as it provides visibility for us to re-prioritize activities in a way that vitality is maximized. I will make sure my daily energy level is documented in the Activity Log and hopefully can identify patterns that will benefit work activities to the greatest extent. Yes, an Economics major is sensitive to trends and patterns.

Summing Up


In the upcoming two weeks, I will log my Good Time Journal by following the A-E-I-O-U approach introduced by the authors. My expectation is that it will make me conscious of which activities please and energize me and which ones don’t. I believe it will provide a good basis and knowledge for me to find way and shape the future.

What’s your opinion on wayfinding? Have you tried jotting down your daily engagement and energy level in a journal? Make sure you share these with us by dropping a note below or writing to aloha.abf2@gmail.com. Have a great weekend!


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