The Good Time Journal (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

First things first, why is it called the Good Time Journal?

I don’t have a clue because only Bill and Dave know best. However, it makes absolute sense to record the good times and keep track of things via a journal. In the context of work, my work diary is where I jot down important notes that facilitate my work. It provides detail of my to-do list everyday, helps me stay focused on the key items, and identifies the activities that bring me the greatest joy.

Without further ado, let me disclose my Good Time Journal to you.



I like working with numbers. Why 34? Well… keep reading 😛

My engagement level is high when I have the right depth of knowledge to navigate through a task and take ownership of it. I enjoy autonomy at work (with the appropriate amount of supervision) instead of being micromanaged or micromanaging people who work with me. Autonomy ensures I have the flexibility to learn and perform at my best.

The nature of the work also gives weight to my engagement. My focus area at work is always related to financial management and processes but recently I’ve been working on a system implementation project that is relatively new but monotonous to me. Engagement level is in the mid-range but I am taking every opportunity to learn and strengthen my portfolio whenever possible.

So why 34? Easy… because we are in the 4th week of March!



Unproductive meetings lower my energy level. Urgh.

My energy level is largely determined by how I choose the time to withdraw myself from work and rejuvenate before resuming to the tasks. Since I pack a lunch for work, I don’t always leave the office building during the day. Because of that, I usually take a stroll at the rooftop garden or the park nearby to breathe in fresh air and relax after lunch. Doing so simply helps me digest and prompts my brain to function better in the second half of the day.

Just like everyone else, I take regular bathroom and water break during office hours. More recently, I started bringing fruits to work and shared them with colleagues. They are great energy boosters at around 4-5pm and allow me to interact with others over fruits break (part of A-E-I-O-U).

Of course, my observation also covers the time when I find my energy is drained. It usually happens when unproductive meetings occupy most of my day and cause  me to work overtime at night. As part of my reflections (one of the two elements in the GTJ), I suggested my supervisor to reshuffle the daily meeting schedule based on priority so that I can use my time in the most efficient manner. This way, I can reserve enough true work time in the afternoon to get tasks done and attain an optimal energy level.

Summing Up


Thank you for browsing through this post. I hope your engagement and energy level towards A Booking For Two is still high after reading this long journal. I see the value of keeping any kind of journal, whether it’s this Good Time journal or work diary, since it is a good reflection of what we do and how we do it .

Next week, we’ve decided to take a tiny break from Designing Your Life. No worries, we are not on holidays (yet). We will continue to manage our blog and share one of our favorite books that are inspirational and thought-provoking respectively. Stay tuned and check it out next week!


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