Getting Unstuck (Pt 2)


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Aloha! It’s been a while since I last wrote on our blog and I am definitely excited to resume writing and share my perspectives on Designing Your Life with you all again.

As the subject matter suggests, this chapter examines solution when things seem to get into a dead end . While it’s common that people get stuck at some life events from time to time, having the ability and courage to ideate can make a huge difference. Let’s explore how we can untie the knot when we are stuck and continue to live our beautiful lives.


sophie-sollmann-150743 (1).jpg

Home, where I find serenity and peace, is the best place to do a mind map.

What to do when you get stuck? Pause. That’s the first thing most people (at least myself) do when they got stuck. Bill and Dave agreed, and expanded it to another level called mind-mapping. This ideation technique encourages people to broaden capacity via jotting down a ring of broad and wild ideas through visual representation and make sense of the sketches.

It works as follows: After putting down a topic in the center of the map, we will write down a couple of things that are related to that specific topic. Next step is to associate new words to the second ring and add further layer to the mind map. These new word associations will ultimately prompt us to generate innovative concepts that we didn’t even consider before.

One important tip on mind-mapping is to do it with speed. Just put down the first word that comes to mind since it’s usually the most spontaneous and sincere response. This can also ensure we are not limited by our verbal censor and do not block potential innovations. I look forward to testing it out by myself when I generate my mind map from the Good Time Journal on engagement, energy, and flow.

Anchor Problems


HUGE problem if people can’t get on the train. Oh well, hope it’s not due to “overbooking” like plane

United Airline is probably most searched on Google after they forcibly removed a passenger on an “overbooked” flight. Was violence the only resolution at that time? Absolutely not. Could this incident be handled in a diplomatic and civilized way if the airline staffs and law enforcement officials explore other possibilities? Very likely.

One of Bill and Daves’ philosophies in life design is never choose your first solution to any problem, including anchor problems. They are tough in real life but the good news is we can reframe the challenges and design a series of small prototypes to address them. This step might be iterative and take a bit of time, but the results are expected to be better than the initial dead-end solution. One key difference worth noting between anchor problems and gravity problems is that we cannot do anything about the latter except accepting them.

Summing Up


My assignment in April then is to review the Good Time Journal done from March, do a mind map for each of the key elements (engagement, energy, and flow), and create a job description from them. Sounds like a bit of work huh? I will just close it here and bury my head into starting my mind maps!

Oh but before wrapping up, Keith and I would like to wish you a happy Easter holiday with your family and friends and may His blessings be upon you on Easter easter egg


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