Making Mind Maps (Pt 1)

mind maps

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Confession: I found the title of this blog (and the exercise I did for it) a little weird. Usually, a map is a “fixed” resource. It’s a static source of truth that helps us navigate. But the mind maps that Bill and Dave had us do for this chapter are a free-flowing exercise – one where we can almost “make it up along the way.”

Still, it was quite interesting to try this out. And I was quite happy with the results of the exercise. Here’s how it went down…

mind map example

The world’s messiest mind map i.e. mine. Sorry for the headache you’re having!

For the topic of my mind map, I decided to focus on “Support site”. I am in charge of my company’s online Support center, and my work involves not only managing the content and tracking user engagement, but also coming up with new ideas for content and functionality. The goal is to make our Support sites one of the best in the industry (or in any industry).

For starters, I wrote “Support” at the center of my map. Next, I tackled the first layer of related ideas, which included areas such as Billing, Troubleshooting, and Suggestions (from customers).

From these “Level 1” ideas, I allowed myself to freewheel a bit, jotting down ideas that came to mind. From “Troubleshooting”, I hatched an idea to implement screen sharing in our Support live chat. Being a tech company, our products are often difficult for laymen to use. While live text chat is a wonderful tool that we have long employed, using screen sharing allows our Support agents to perform even more effective troubleshooting, and should help our customers understand how to navigate the product.

At the same time, “Suggestions” (referring to customer feedback and suggestions) led me to think about some sort of recognition program for our Support agents. Many of the previous companies I worked at had some form of employee recognition system, and while my current company has a great work atmosphere, I think introducing a system where customers can share praise about our Support team will not only boost work morale, but will probably make for good PR too!


notebook on desk

To be honest, not all of my ideas generated by this exercise were entirely novel. However, I was pleased to have come up with a few brand new ones along the way. I hope these ideas will be a source of business value, and help my tech company better serve customers.

How’s your mind map coming along? What awesome ideas have you come up with? Need another example? Tune in next week to see how Nicole did with hers. I promise it’ll be easier to read than mine!


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