Making Mind Maps (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

From my memory, the last time I created a mind-map (in the exact format introduced by Bill and Dave) was probably in college when I prepared a final thesis for an urban geography class. Of course, I do organize ideas and concept on paper all the time, but just in different formats such as a storyboard or an outline. As such, I am glad to apply this mind map exercise to a work context and visually plot and connect ideas that offer a deeper learning experience.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at my freshly-produced mind map below.


If you are imaginative enough, you will see a dog shape.

In the center of my mind map is Progression. Having been part of the workforce for almost three years, I am in a position of learning knowledge everyday, exploring the area I want to specialize in, as well as actively seizing every opportunity to progress my career. Currently, I am responsible for designing and building an analytics and reporting system for my client to enable high-speed data processing on the platform from different inbound interfaces.

Radiating out from Progression is the second layer of the mind map where I put down business operation, value creation, developing others, and personal development. From there, I kept on expanding the map and quickly wrote down associations related to the second layer. Doing it fast is the crux suggested by Bill and Dave. Our sloppy handwriting starts to make sense now huh?

One of the most straight forward ways to evaluate one’s performance is his/her contribution and value created to the company. That includes making sure day-to-day business run smoothly while expanding portfolio for the company. Apart from these, progression led me to think that demonstrating leadership skills is important too since managing a team is almost certain to happen when people move up the corporate ladder.

What I think is even more valuable is professional development, both for myself and for others. I want to be recognized for a solid foundation of project management knowledge so I am committed to working towards a PMP certification in the near future. This skill set can be widely applicable in wide arrays. On the other hand, my personal reading will help me in problem-solving and reduce stress. Developing others to succeed is also on my mind since I want to see people learn and do well in their own endeavors too.

Summing Up


I could almost take the exact same picture as above if I had won an Apple Watch at my company’s annual dinner. Oh well, I guess I will just need to work harder to make my mind map come true. The ideas captured on my mind map may not be new, but it does logically lay out my vision at work. Again, thanks for bearing with our handwriting and hope you are inspired to create your own mind map while reading ours.

I don’t know why but something is telling me that May is going to be fun and awesome. Even the chapter title in May is fun as it is exactly the same as the book name! I don’t want to spoil it too much right now, so why don’t you come back next week and see what Keith has to say about it? I guarantee it will be as fun as his jokes!


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