Living Multiple Lives (Pt 1)


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When I was younger, I wanted to be a scientist. I’ve always been a curious child and wanted to understand how “stuff” worked. Maybe I’ll study hard and work at a top research university. Maybe I’ll make a Nobel-worthy breakthrough! Unfortunately, high school science classes came along. I struggled, and that was that.

As a lifelong football fanatic, I’ve also dreamed about becoming a professional footballer. Training for years, playing in the biggest games, and getting a big sports sponsorship – so sweet. Unfortunately, growing up in a part of the world where it’s hard to make it big in football (and also not being extremely good), I resort to playing football as a hobby.

As you can see, these are two different ways my live could have gone. In this month’s chapter, Bill and Dave invite us to start designing our lives. Let’s see how that goes:

There’s no (one) right answer


Believe it or not, in life design, there’s more than one right answer

The big shocker in this chapter is that, in life design, there’s no (one) right answer. As the authors point out, too many people stress about making the “one right” or “true” choice when it comes to their lives. They fear that choosing otherwise will result in them living a “less than optimal” life. As you might expect, that pressure doesn’t help their decision making and subsequent actions at all.

Instead, Bill and Dave explain that life design is a continual process, and one that we can try again at any time. Each time we design, we are opening ourselves up to possibility in our careers and choices. While I believe one shouldn’t be hopping from jobs in quick succession, I think the authors’ insight is that our lives are always filled with possibility. If we take the time to sit down and design those possibilities, we might be surprised by what we find.

To help us on our way, Bill and Dave recommend we make some Odyssey plans, specifically three. Each plan is a five year vision of what our life might look like if we explore a set of possibilities. But instead of a simple vague vision (“I’m going to be a chef somewhere!”), the plan includes notes on resources (do we have the physical assets and skills to achieve the plan?), likability (do we like what we would be doing?), confidence (do you realistically feel like you can do this?), and coherence (does it make sense with your work and lifeviews?)

Wondering what that would look like? Come check out my Odyssey plans in two weeks time!


summary notes

Looks like we have some exciting times ahead of us. Will I rediscover my dream to become a scientist? Might I one day end up stretching on the Old Trafford sidelines (not as a tourist)? Tune in after next weeks and find out. But if you ever wanted to know what alternate lives Nicole could have lived, come back next week instead!


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