Living Multiple Lives (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

“In reality, life is more of an abstract painting – one that’s open to multiple interpretations,” said Bill and Dave. 

Indeed, it depends what color paints we choose to apply to our lives. If I were free from picking a commercially accepted major in college, I would have chosen Geography since I always have a deep appreciation towards the nature and strong interest in investigating the phenomena of Earth. If I had not taken the job offer in Hong Kong, I would have flown back to the States and embark an exciting journey in the East Coast.

There are many if’s in life, and each opens up many possibilities. In this month’s chapter, the authors teach us to ideate multiple lives and introduce an useful tool to start designing our way forward.

So Many Lives, So Little Time – so what?


True colors are beautiful like a rainbow.

Although we live in a world of imperfect systems and people, humans beings strive for perfection and tend to try very hard to “get things right” in the first place. Obsessively doing so would not get them very far and might place them into a dead end. Bill and Dave say a big NO to it. Instead, they acknowledge that we should have different life plans in mind and encourage us to let our imaginations go wild (reasonably) in order to navigate well-informed decisions about life.

The tool that will help us achieve this purpose is called an Odyssey plan, which includes three variations we might live over the next five years. The first plan is straight-forward after you ask yourself “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. It is seemingly the normal route that can connect to our existing lives well without causing major disruptions to it. The second plan is more associated with “What is your back-up plan if there is a blow to your current career or industry?”. The third plan comes up when financial stability and critics from others are not problems anymore.

In my opinion, no certain variation is the best scenario but whether how we can live out the best with the resources in each of the variation. I believe people who face indecision will see value in this tool as it helps figure out which path most excites and fulfils them and rediscover the true voice in their inner heart. As much as I am happy with my current status now, sometimes my mind prompts me to think what would happen if I returned to the States and how my life would be different based on that….

Summing Up


That’s it for my sharing this week. I will share my Odyssey plan in two weeks time while Keith and I are enjoying the sunshine on the other side of the world during which. Don’t worry, this blog will be still written in English. Before that, come back next week to read Keith’s alternative lives in the upcoming 5 years which I definitely look forward to reading them myself. Cheers!


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