Design your lives (Pt 1)

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Is it ever too late to design your lives? Are we only allowed to travel down a certain path? Or is there an opportunity for us to embark on a new direction whenever we want?

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the answer that Dave and Bill want us to have is “Yes!”. In life design, there’s always another “you” hidden among the various paths of life. Today, let’s look at three paths I could embark on i.e. my Odyssey Plans. Not to worry, they are all legal šŸ™‚

Content Strategist at an IT company


Unfortunately, there are no games of chess at my workplace. Maybe that could change sometime!

This is an extrapolation of my current life. Pursuing this possible life will mean remaining at my current company, managing our products’ Support Center, and creating content with an eye towards SEO.

In terms of my five year plan, I hope to finish my upcoming part-time masters program in eCommerce and Internet Computing in two years, and I’d be looking to get married and settled down in three years max after that.

Here are some questions for me under this path:

  • How long will I stay at my company?
  • What area do I want to grow in within my company?
  • What skills do I need to pursue in order to advance my career?

Seeing as this is the natural extension of my current life, I’d rate the resources I need to pursue this life a 4/5. I’d putĀ enjoyment at 4/5 too, since I do have a good job with plenty of learning opportunities and great work-life balance. I’d putĀ confidenceĀ at 5/5 since I’m already living this life andĀ coherence at 5/5 (so far, there seems to be minimal shocks to my life by continuing down this path).

Full-time writer of non-fiction books


If I were to become a writer, I probably wouldn’t be writing in pen!

As many of you know, I enjoy sitting down with a good book and have always enjoyed dabbling in writing. I’ve also worked on my own book (on David Hume) and have wondered what it would be like to become a professional writer.

Taking on this possible life will open up a lot of freedom, but I still stand by my five year plan of completing a postgraduate degree and settling down by the end of five years. Here are some questions for me should I embark on this path:

  • How do I get (self-)published?
  • How do I get my work marketed and distributed?
  • What range of topics/audience age group should I focus on?

For this way of living, I’d rate the resources I need to pursue this life a 4/5. I might need some professional tools to become a pro writer, but I don’t think it would be difficult to get my hands on them. As forĀ enjoyment, I’m guessing the freedom and flexibility on offer will warrant a 5/5 rating. ForĀ confidence, I’m rating this aĀ 3/5. The only challenge would be actually making the career switch. Finally, I’d putĀ coherence at 4/5 since I don’t imagine there to be a huge shock to my life should I go down this route. It’ll just take a lot of self-motivation and discipline!

WorkingĀ at Adidas or Manchester United

fred the red

Being colleagues with Fred the Red? Yes, please!

As any longtime follower of this blog will know, I’m a die-hard Manchester United fan. I also happen to be a big fan of Adidas, who sponsors United (and used to sponsor Michigan Athletics).

What would it be like to work for Adidas or United? Pretty wonderful is my guess. I’m not sure what kind of work I might pursue, but the realistic answer would be something related to my current fields of content production and SEO. The less realistic answer? Give me anything (outside of hardcore data analysis), I’ll take it!

I don’t envision any changes to my five year plan for this potential life. The questionsĀ I’ll face will be:

  • Where will I live?
  • What sort of work will I be doing?
  • How do I prepare my portfolio to get a job at one of these two organizations?

As a semi “dream job”, I’d rate the resources I need to pursue this life a 4/5. After all, I don’t think it would require something ridiculous to prepare myself for a job at Adidas/United. As forĀ enjoyment, as long as I’m not assigned to some absolutely dreadful piece of work, I’d rate it at 5/5. I’d putĀ confidenceĀ at 2/5 (it would be quite far-fetched to make this kind of switch, especially for an organization like United) andĀ coherence at 3/5 (it would be quite a departure from my current life and would likely take some adjusting).

Summing Up

notebook on desk

Well, that’s it for my three semi-imaginary lives! I hope you enjoyed reading these Odyssey Plans and I’d encourage you to give it a try too.

Which of these lives do you think would be the most fun to follow? What would you do if you can have the freedom to pursue whatever you wanted? And if you need more inspiration to answer that last question, tune in next week to readĀ Nicole‘s plans! Does she have something wackier in her potential lives? I know you can’t wait to find out!


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