Design Your Lives (Pt 2)


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I am sure we have all imagined living a different life at some point. The only difference is that writing out our Odyssey Plan gives us an opportunity to ponder more deeply on how our future variates shall we pursue different paths at one turning point. This is the first time I put these on paper and I am excited to share my 5-year plan in three alternate lives with you. Let’s take a look.

Management Consultant at a Consulting Firm


One of my bosses does have beard like this! Andddd he looks like Viggo Mortensen!

My day job is to provide professional services, ranging from financial management to IT system implementation, to solve my clients’ problem and improve their performance. Continuing in this path implies that a professional certification will be expected as mentioned in my post last month to equip myself so that I will be ready for further promotion in the next 3 years. More importantly, the skills set can be widely applicable to other industries too. This will come along well with my personal life as I anticipate to get married and get ready to start a family of three at around that mark.

Now, here are some questions that I will need to consider:

  • How long will I stay in my current company?
  • What’s the area I want to specialize in?
  • What can I do and learn to prepare myself for bearing greater responsibilities?

In terms of the four areas to look at, I rate resources 4/5 and enjoyment 5/5 since I am content with my current status right now. This path won’t significantly deviate from my best possible projection of the future so I’d give confidence and coherence 4/5 and 5/5 respectively.

Full-time Career in Early Child Development 


Cutest sleeping posture I’ve ever seen.

People who know me will know how much I enjoy being around with kids and spending time with them. Whenever there’s gathering with my wider family or my parents’ friends, I am always the designated babysitter and am more than happy to do so. Seeing babies grow and start to perceive various information from the world is amazing. All these prompt me to pursue a career in early child development. And let’s be honest, babies are just adorable.

Before being able to do so, I will first need to obtain a secondary degree in child development since I don’t have prior professional or academic experience in this area. Upon finishing grad school, I wish to join a research organization and design development program for young toddlers. After garnering adequate experience in this field,  I’d look to start my own business such as playgroup or child care. As for personal life, I’d still be looking to get married and build my own family. The best thing of this path is really to leverage what I have learnt and apply to facilitate the growth of my children.

Along the path of becoming a child development specialist, these are the questions for myself:

  • What area am I truly interested in? Behavioral, psychological, or physical?
  • What support do I need if I want to start a child-related business?

In terms of the four areas to look at, I’d give resources 3/5 since much more time and effort will be required in this path. 5/5 in enjoyment as I simply enjoy kids around a lot. As for confidence and coherence, this is a solid 4/5 since I am confident to achieve something once I am determined to do so and will be perfect for me to apply my skills from management consulting to another career.

Owning a themed cafe



As a foodie, I am keen to explore different culinary cuisines and always appreciate the deliberate decor of cafes and restaurants. This is one of the activities I especially enjoy doing overseas as food and culture come hand in hand and it is the most direct way to experience local taste.

An idea of starting a theme cafe of my own, whether it’s about sports like Chelsea or collegiate-related like UCLA, always comes off the top of my mind. I envision my cafe will have a modest and cozy decor with a reading corner where people can freely read travel and sports books and exchange their thoughts. Watching a sports game does not necessarily involve beer and chips. Isn’t it more cool to enjoy a London derby or UCLA-USC rivalry while being served cupcakes and fruit tea?

Starting a new business isn’t easy, so these are the questions I will need to consider before doing so:

  • Does it require me to quit my full-time job or part-time will do?
  • How sustainable is it for me to support my living?
  • What will be the business model of my cafe? How many months is needed to break even?

For this completely new way of living, I’d rate the resources I need 3/5 since apparently I will need to secure capital and relevant resources to start and operate a new business. As for enjoyment, I’d say 5/5 just because food is always a good idea. As for confidence, I think it will be 3/5 since this is something I’ve never done before and I certainly need to learn it from scratch. Finally, 3/5 for coherence as being an owner allows more flexibility on time, unlike from my full time day job now.

Summing Up


That’s it for my three 5-year plans. Writing it out already made me feel living in it, but of course I know it will take way more effort to get there. What does your Odyssey Plan look like? I hope you will be inspired to write out your own too after reading Keith’s and my plans.

Entering the second half of the year, we will look at prototyping our ideal life in June. Come back next week for Keith’s sharing!


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