Prototyping your life (PT 1)

prototype chair

Booking under: Keith

Maybe it’s because of our trip to Spain, but it feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve written about life design. Nonetheless, it’s good to return to our book for the year and learn more about prototyping our lives. Here are my takeaways on the chapter:

The Need to Prototype

life prototype

How do you know this isn’t me? By seeing how nice and pretty the drawing is!

Bill and Dave stress the need to build prototypes of our potential lives so as to see how those lives would work for us. I admit I was a bit apprehensive when reading this because it just seemed like so much work.

But truth be told, their examples revealed the benefits of prototyping of our potential lives. By identifying key questions we have about our potential lives and then going through experiences that can help us answer those questions, we can see if we’d like to proceed with this potential life path.

For me, that means gathering the questions I have on each potential job/life and then finding as much solid information as I can to see whether that life would fit me. Exploration time!

Summing Up

summary notes

In the spirit of this chapter, I’ll commit to doing some research to flesh out the Odyssey Plans I previously made. I’ll be using the wonderful worldwide web to learn more about some of my potential lives, and reflect further on how I would fare if I were to live out that life.

Excited to see what I’ll find? Remember to check back here in time to find out!


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