Prototyping Your Life (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

As much as I respect and believe in Bill and Daves’ life design methodology, one thing that they probably can not/ did not teach us is when life hits us hard with unexpected surprises. While sometimes things might not go as what we planned, we got to learn to live with it and embrace it with love, hope, and most importantly God’s blessings.

As we are making strides in life design, prototyping is what we will experiment next.  We may hear this word a lot in a work context but what exactly is it about when it comes to life design? Let’s find out.

The Need to Prototype


You never know if you never try. Be bold and take calculated risks.

Having ideated different versions of life and laid out our Odyssey Plan in the first half of 2017, it’s time to put our learning into practice. Instead of asking us to hard pick one of the three plans, the authors encourage us to prototype, that is to iterate several versions of the potential future by exploring some key questions. This process aims to help us experience what it’s really like living several paths and nail it down (or even a combination of the three plans).

To begin prototyping, conversation, or life design interview, is needed. Engaging veterans who have been working within a a particular field allows us to perceive first-hand information and get tips about how to prepare for and enter a given career via an insider lens. Some examples of how this can be done include one day shadowing, short-term internship, etc.

Something extra to share: In my senior year of college, I developed an interest in management consulting and thus took the benefit of doing a handful of informative interviews with Bruin alumni who are already excelling in this career path. The outcome was significant and pretty much set my career off. Hence, I understand the power of initiating this kind of conversations and look forward to leveraging it again on life design.

Summing Up


Another month, another exercise for us. I look forward to sharing my prototyping experiences here in two weeks. Before that, I am going to contribute my part to On Our Bookshelves next week. Stay tuned!


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