Rapid Prototyping Life Experience (Pt 1)


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If you are waiting for Keith’s posts, you might be disappointed again this week. At the moment, I am still hijacking our blog (with the full consent of my other half). This week, we return to Designing Your Life and continue to explore different possibilities in our lives.

Some time ago, we shared three possible life paths that we can potentially pursue and the authors asked us to start prototyping these options. As such, I conducted some serious desktop research and envisioned the likelihood of living out my second and third alternate life respectively. Follow me!



The most immediate step to take is going back to school.

If I were to pursue this path, it’s almost certain that I will go for a master degree in child development. After researching, these one-year full time programs will best fit my area of interest: MSc in Child Development and Education at University of Oxford, MA in Early Childhood Education at Columbia University, and MA in Early Childhood Education at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In no particular order, these world-class programs provide both strong research basis in child cognition and development and theoretical knowledge with practice in the policy field via lectures, seminars, workshops, and actual field work.

Upon obtaining my master degree in this profession, there will be two paths for me to consider in the next two years. The first one is to join an international research organization or the government to work on behavioral research and investigate how cognitive, emotional, and social capacities play a pivotal role in early childhood development. Alternatively, I could leverage my to-be-developed expertise in education and devote my time in kindergarten in order to acquire more field experience in interacting with the kids. This way, I can understand their demand and needs to the greatest extent and will benefit when designing curriculum for the kids.

After honing and accruing experience and skills, I will be ready to translate my research results into tangible action to nurture children’s development by opening my own playgroup for infants and toddlers in Hong Kong. Gathering support from friends who share the same passion and profession in child development, I hope to develop a set of curriculum that will bring out the best potential of each individual child and promote their social and intellectual growth in a dynamic and comfortable learning environment.



Food styling is as important as its taste per se.

This is relatively less likely to happen but I’d still be grateful to map this third option out and let my imaginations go wild. First thing first, a solid business plan is mandatory. It basically spells out what I want to achieve and how I will make it happen, as well as important business information such as business model, customer base and dynamics, competitor, growth plan, and risk mitigation plan. Site visit to popular cafes in the city will also be useful in terms of absorbing the strengths and learn from the weaknesses.

Another big area is to gauge interest from business partners of the same vision and interest, and meet the capital adequacy to really execute the business plan and take the idea forward. Of course, more work such as picking a location, handling staffing and supply of food will need to be done and the actual work will probably be more tedious than the mentioned ones.

Truth be told, I think this Odyssey Plan is highly unlikely to happen in the next 5 years as I still want to advance up the corporate ladder in the foreseeable years and reach my career goals. Who knows? Maybe this third option will come off the top of my mind again when I reach the age of retirement!

Summing Up


That’s it for me this week. A little bit lengthy but fleshing out my Odyssey Plans is a fun exercise to do and does prompt me to ponder more about my second option. If you also wish to bring an idea to life, I encourage you to do the same and prototype the various potential lives you may live. You will be surprised!

As the heatwaves hit in July, we will be looking into an interesting topic: How Not To Get A Job. How? I don’t know at the moment so come back next week to explore more with us!


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