Choices and Happiness (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole 

As I reflect on the biggest decisions I’ve ever made being a twenty-something-years-old young adult, education and work are top of the list and they directly contribute to my happiness level. I believe my peers in similar age would agree as well. Friends who know me well would have heard the below for many many times. For those who is clueless, welcome to revisit my decision making journey.

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The Power of Networks (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

Starting a conversation isn’t hard, but starting a conversation with strangers is and so does closing. It requires natural way to exit a conversation with appropriate and professional closer. Sometimes, networking can be as tedious as it seems to be.

Without further ado, let’s see what my key takeaways from two networking experiences are.

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How We Got Hired (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

How did I get hired? My company’s HR might be in better position to answer this question doubtful emoji.jpgshades emoji.png ….. Besides the joke, I am grateful to share my job-seeking and interview experience before landing a graduate job at my current company.

The idea that management consulting practitioners use their expertise and tools to help corporate solve problems and improve their performance always fascinated me since Junior year. In addition, I always planned to stay and work in the States where management consulting is highly respected and flourish in my early twenties before moving back to Hong Kong (or not at all), as it gives me the capacity to explore the glimmer of many possibilities at work and simply see more things. Hence, I knew clearly what and where to pursue after college.

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How we got hired (Pt 1)


Booking under: Keith

It’s crazy to think that, after next week, I would have been working full time for three years. Besides being afforded the opportunity to learn, earn, and go on some wonderful trips, I’ve also grown as a person and have been happy to step into the world of a working adult.

But in order to make it into the working world, I had to go through a number of job application and interview processes. Here are my recollections of those processes, and some important pointers I would like to share on getting hired.

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Rapid Prototyping Life Experience (Pt 1)


Booking under: Nicole

If you are waiting for Keith’s posts, you might be disappointed again this week. At the moment, I am still hijacking our blog (with the full consent of my other half). This week, we return to Designing Your Life and continue to explore different possibilities in our lives.

Some time ago, we shared three possible life paths that we can potentially pursue and the authors asked us to start prototyping these options. As such, I conducted some serious desktop research and envisioned the likelihood of living out my second and third alternate life respectively. Follow me!

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Design Your Lives (Pt 2)


Booing under: Nicole

I am sure we have all imagined living a different life at some point. The only difference is that writing out our Odyssey Plan gives us an opportunity to ponder more deeply on how our future variates shall we pursue different paths at one turning point. This is the first time I put these on paper and I am excited to share my 5-year plan in three alternate lives with you. Let’s take a look.

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Design your lives (Pt 1)

color paint palette wall painting

Booking under: Keith

Is it ever too late to design your lives? Are we only allowed to travel down a certain path? Or is there an opportunity for us to embark on a new direction whenever we want?

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, the answer that Dave and Bill want us to have is “Yes!”. In life design, there’s always another “you” hidden among the various paths of life. Today, let’s look at three paths I could embark on i.e. my Odyssey Plans. Not to worry, they are all legal 🙂

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Making Mind Maps (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

From my memory, the last time I created a mind-map (in the exact format introduced by Bill and Dave) was probably in college when I prepared a final thesis for an urban geography class. Of course, I do organize ideas and concept on paper all the time, but just in different formats such as a storyboard or an outline. As such, I am glad to apply this mind map exercise to a work context and visually plot and connect ideas that offer a deeper learning experience.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at my freshly-produced mind map below.

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