Design Your Lives (Pt 2)


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I am sure we have all imagined living a different life at some point. The only difference is that writing out our Odyssey Plan gives us an opportunity to ponder more deeply on how our future variates shall we pursue different paths at one turning point. This is the first time I put these on paper and I am excited to share my 5-year plan in three alternate lives with you. Let’s take a look.

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The Dashboard (Pt 2)


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As much as I wish I am exploring the nature in the wild like the lady above, I am actually sitting at my desk and filling in my life dashboard on health, work, play, and love. The idea  behind this assignment is to work out a balance and adjust it accordingly.

Before I climb into my warm bed and dream about the delicious food over Chinese New Year, let me share my gauges on each of the four areas.

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