A Well-designed Life (Pt 2)


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I am very honored to be writing the 100th post on A Booking For Two so it took me a bit longer than usual to publish it. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!

December is the last month we work on this book, but this doesn’t mean our life design stops here. Instead of giving a boring summary of the key elements in all chapters, Bill and Dave make it easy for us by introducing simply five mindsets that will constitute and drive our life design forward.

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A Well-designed life (PT 1)


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Congratulations to Nicole! We’ve been so busy with everything else we’ve forgotten that she’s the writer of post #100 on this blog! What an accomplishment! Thanks also to each and every one of you who have read a century of posts here on ABF2. We’re very grateful!

As we enter the last chapter of Designing your life, our authors begin by dropping a pretty big truth: there’s no such thing as a perfectly balanced, evenly divided life. However, there is a set of five mindsets that can help us to design our lives forward, to continue growing even as we face disruptions and changes in our daily living:

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Building A Team (Pt 2)

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Along the course of life design, one person’s power is not enough to get you where you want to be. At work, we often collaborate with supervisors and colleagues to deliver the tasks. At home, the biggest support team is right there to get our back. At leisure, we have a group of close friends to laugh and chill with. All these contexts involve people who are incremental in supporting and adding color to our lives.

You probably have some ideas about who these people are but what role does each of them play? Bill and Dave came up with the following…

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Building a Team (Pt 1)


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As an avid football fan, I love the concept of a great team. Who can forget the magnificent sides Sir Alex Ferguson built in the late 2000s/early 2010s? Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Berbatov… those were the days!

Alas, team-building also features in our life design process, but in a different way. Instead of a group of people running after a ball, the team is a group of people who will help you in your life. Here’s the lineup:

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Failure Immunity (Pt 2)

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Failure is often regarded as a negative attribute. No one welcomes the feeling of losing or being defeated. Yet, experiencing some sort of minor and non-fatal failure when we have the capacity to afford so can help us become less vulnerable when bigger challenges hit our lives. In this chapter, a three-step exercise is introduced to achieve failure immunity. Let’s take a closer look…

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Learning To Choose (Pt 2)


Booking under: Nicole

As an Economics major, this is no doubt my favorite chapter so far. Why? It talks about choices.

I have been a long time believer that everything is a choice. Yes and No. Of course, all things innate are not by choice. You can not change your biological parents or choose your gender. But it’s true that we choose and make decisions, no matter how big or small, in our everyday lives. Just look at your countless options for lunch today. I opted for pho.

The technique of choice making applies to life design too in a macro sense. Our authors know the pain of making decisions, hence they illustrate four essential steps in this process…

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Designing Your Dream Job (Pt 2)


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What is a dream job?

As much as I wish to crown a universal definition on it, it’s challenging. My interpretation of a dream job is certainly going to be different from yours, given the mindset, career path, and personal needs vary from person to person. But if there is one thing that I know at the minimum, it will be to work hard and smart to get where I want to be. There’s no free lunch after all.

In this chapter, Bill and Dave shared a few tidbits as we navigate dream jobs in real life.

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Designing your dream job (pt 1)

design work

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Work. That Monday feeling. #TGIF.

For many people, work seems to be a paradoxical thing. Nobody seems to be particularly excited by it, but everybody needs one and will work hard to get one. Soon afterward, they might complain about their job and dream about quitting it, but reality sets in and they’re stuck waiting for Friday again.

Does work really have to be such a turn-off? This month, our authors talked about designing a dream job. Here are some takeaways:

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