Designing Your Dream Job (Pt 2)


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What is a dream job?

As much as I wish to crown a universal definition on it, it’s challenging. My interpretation of a dream job is certainly going to be different from yours, given the mindset, career path, and personal needs vary from person to person. But if there is one thing that I know at the minimum, it will be to work hard and smart to get where I want to be. There’s no free lunch after all.

In this chapter, Bill and Dave shared a few tidbits as we navigate dream jobs in real life.

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Designing your dream job (pt 1)

design work

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Work. That Monday feeling. #TGIF.

For many people, work seems to be a paradoxical thing. Nobody seems to be particularly excited by it, but everybody needs one and will work hard to get one. Soon afterward, they might complain about their job and dream about quitting it, but reality sets in and they’re stuck waiting for Friday again.

Does work really have to be such a turn-off? This month, our authors talked about designing a dream job. Here are some takeaways:

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Super Job Finding Tips (Pt 2)



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We have all gone through the stage of applying for entry-level jobs. Doubtful, stressful, nervous, tedious…. you name it! Looking back, it’s just a mandatory process that improves your maturity and prepares you for the reality in the corporate world. Everything will turn out fine.

In Chapter 7, Bill and Dave exposed a few job-finding tips that I wish I knew before applying for jobs at my Senior year.

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Prototyping Your Life (Pt 2)


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As much as I respect and believe in Bill and Daves’ life design methodology, one thing that they probably can not/ did not teach us is when life hits us hard with unexpected surprises. While sometimes things might not go as what we planned, we got to learn to live with it and embrace it with love, hope, and most importantly God’s blessings.

As we are making strides in life design, prototyping is what we will experiment next.  We may hear this word a lot in a work context but what exactly is it about when it comes to life design? Let’s find out.

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Living Multiple Lives (Pt 2)


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“In reality, life is more of an abstract painting – one that’s open to multiple interpretations,” said Bill and Dave. 

Indeed, it depends what color paints we choose to apply to our lives. If I were free from picking a commercially accepted major in college, I would have chosen Geography since I always have a deep appreciation towards the nature and strong interest in investigating the phenomena of Earth. If I had not taken the job offer in Hong Kong, I would have flown back to the States and embark an exciting journey in the East Coast.

There are many if’s in life, and each opens up many possibilities. In this month’s chapter, the authors teach us to ideate multiple lives and introduce an useful tool to start designing our way forward.

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Living Multiple Lives (Pt 1)


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When I was younger, I wanted to be a scientist. I’ve always been a curious child and wanted to understand how “stuff” worked. Maybe I’ll study hard and work at a top research university. Maybe I’ll make a Nobel-worthy breakthrough! Unfortunately, high school science classes came along. I struggled, and that was that.

As a lifelong football fanatic, I’ve also dreamed about becoming a professional footballer. Training for years, playing in the biggest games, and getting a big sports sponsorship – so sweet. Unfortunately, growing up in a part of the world where it’s hard to make it big in football (and also not being extremely good), I resort to playing football as a hobby.

As you can see, these are two different ways my live could have gone. In this month’s chapter, Bill and Dave invite us to start designing our lives. Let’s see how that goes:

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Getting Unstuck (Pt 2)


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Aloha! It’s been a while since I last wrote on our blog and I am definitely excited to resume writing and share my perspectives on Designing Your Life with you all again.

As the subject matter suggests, this chapter examines solution when things seem to get into a dead end . While it’s common that people get stuck at some life events from time to time, having the ability and courage to ideate can make a huge difference. Let’s explore how we can untie the knot when we are stuck and continue to live our beautiful lives.

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Getting Unstuck (PT 1)

stuck in mud

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Ever been stuck on a problem? Of course you have. I know at least I do (at work), which makes this month’s chapter of Designing your life essential reading. As we face various difficulties in our lives, let’s see what Bill and Dave have to say about tackling these issues in our work and living.

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