Super Job Finding Tips (Pt 2)



Booking under: Nicole

We have all gone through the stage of applying for entry-level jobs. Doubtful, stressful, nervous, tedious…. you name it! Looking back, it’s just a mandatory process that improves your maturity and prepares you for the reality in the corporate world. Everything will turn out fine.

In Chapter 7, Bill and Dave exposed a few job-finding tips that I wish I knew before applying for jobs at my Senior year.

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Super Job Finding Tips (Pt 1)


Booking under: Keith

Hello! Due to some personal issues, I had to sit out from blog writing for a bit. Alas, it’s good to be back. Thanks to those of you who showed love and support throughout!

This month’s chapter is titled How not to get a job¬†and contains some awesome tips on how to (or how not to) find a job. Here are my three takeaways:

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