On Our Bookshelves (Pt 2)

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Aloha everyone! Since Keith shared how he’s inspired by Sir Anthony Kenny’s A New History of Western Philosophy a couple months ago, we’ve been quiet in this category (yes we know that). Before you wonder why, it’s now my time to disclose what’s on my bookshelves!

As Designing Your Life is my regular reading this year, I also read other books in my leisure time. My most recently completed one is Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. You will not be surprised by the first name if you have been following my posts closely.

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On our bookshelves (Pt 1)

hsitory of philosophy

Booking under: Keith

In case you wondered, we also read other books besides Designing Your Life and The Happiness Project. As amateur bookworms, we enjoy diving into a good book and digesting ideas from great writers and thinkers.

This week, we’re taking a break from DYL and taking a look at one of my favorite books, A New History of Western Philosophy by Sir Anthony Kenny.

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